Friday, September 30, 2011

My new fashion HERO!!

 Kate Middleton, is the definition of class! If I could I would dress like her everyday! I think every girl in the world has a fashion icon that they look to. I think most young women are often choosing the fashion icons that may not be the best choice for them and there young age. Girls should not be looking to playmates that are on tv, and women who are wearing skimpy cloths, as there role models even if it is just for fashion. Kate Middleton is beautiful, classy, elegant, modest, and has an impeccable taste in fashion!  

Lets start at the toes! 

Kate is well known for her nude shoes!! Nude is in!! 

The first shoe is from Charrlotte russe and the second and third are from

Kate has also been seen wearing a simple black pointed toe shoe! This is great for elongating your legs! Aslo riding boots! of all colors and loafers! 

the first pair is from and last two are from payless. 

Lets move on to the legs! 
Kate chooses to wear a nude tight, it looks like she is going bare legged, but nope! Those are tights! be sure to grab a pair of those!! Lots of places are going OUT OF STOCK!! 

Jeans! Kate may seem super fancy, but in reality people find it intriguing how casual she really is!! But she manages to keep casual classy!! 

Shes been seen wearing a black flair jean with a cute big belt buckle, white "skinny" jeans, blue skinny jeans, pretty much nice looking jeans no holes. 

Kates dress choices are modest, tailored dresses. These dresses are very similar to what you would see Kate in. She wears more colors then just greys and blacks though, she will be seen in navys and whites and more rich colors. 

these dresses can be found on 
 Kate shirt choices are much like her dresses! She will wear tailored blazers over blouses. She has also been seen wearing peacoats and sweaters with a clean white polo underneath. 

the first is from and the second two are from

Now lets move on to jewelry! 
She is often seen wearing pearls, and just simple gold earning and of course her beautiful sapphire wedding ring! 

Makeup! Kate keeps her makeup simple and natural. But sometimes does a Smokey eye. 

When Kate's hair isn't down with loose curls she has big clips in her hair!

Kate Middleton has a great taste in fashion. I would love to have a closet full of all this goodness! 

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