Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kiddies on mobile phones?

You honestly cannot go anywhere now-a'days without seeing almost every kid on a phone! I've seen children from the ages of about 8 and up walking around with there own cell phone! Personally I think this is RIDICULOUS!! There is no reason for children to be walking around with their own phone at that young of an age! Some may argue that the reasoning for their children to have these phones are "What if they get lost in the mall? Or what if they needed to be picked up?" My answer to that is Get a walki talki for mall trips for your children who are old enough to venture off in the mall on there own! This is a great way to keep in contact with them! My parents used to split my siblings and I into groups when we went to the mall and they would hand us a walki talki so they could keep in touch but allowing us to go off on our own. There is no reason to pay horrible cell phone bills because you are supplying your children with mobile phones! My answer to the argument of "What if they needed to be picked up?" is I'm sure your children can find a nearby phone to use schools have phones in the office they can use! If not buy a prepaid phone with 200 mins on it and give it to your children when they go to the movies or a track meet per-say so they can call you but make it a family phone.  If I an 18 year old surviving without a cell phone your children of 8 years old should also be able to make it. Another big argument I have against cell phones is, I recently heard a parent talking about how they took their childs phone away and went through his texting and a 12 year old girl was "sexting" him. How do you know what your child is texting?! Because I am sure most parents of cell phone owning children DO NOT check their messages! "Sexting" among children of young ages is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in our society. This could easily be stopped. Im just saying Parents, please double think about giving your children there own cell phone! 

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