Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soo its been a while!!

Im so sorry I haven't been posting for you guys!! I've honestly been caught up in my other blog!! :( not right!! So ive decided this is my "whats going on in my life blog" and my other one is just a typical beauty blog! haha. So currently Im working on 2 paintings haha one is a shark for my boyfriends stepdad, ill post pics when its done, and one from the pictures below, its a marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn. That one is for my little sister who is going to University of Arizona this fall :( boo ill miss her... but this painting will remind her im always thinking of her!! i;; post pics of that one too!! Take care guys! watch out for new posts!!

inspiration for my next painting

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

my halloween

Okay so i told you guys that i was dressing up as laura croft for halloween but i didnt i put makeup on, and i was a sugar skull, heres a pic. 

Soon after this when i was at work i got sick!! :/ blehh not fun! I had to leave work early and as soon as i got home i washed my makeup off and was miserable for the rest of the day..... and ALL night.... and even today :/ 

i guess you could say my halloween was somewhat similar to everyone elses...

1. I wore sheets- although i wasnt dressed up like a ghost i was curled up in my bed.

2. i carried around a bucket- even though it wasnt for candy 

3. i looked scary- not because i was wearing spooky makeup 

4. i was up all night- not because i was on a sugar high 

5. i threw up- and not from eating to much candy... and multiple times..

This halloween sucked!!!!!!! :( oh well!! :) 

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Soo! It took me forever to figure out what i was going to dress up as for halloween but i have FINALLY decided!!! Im dressing up as (a modest) Laura Croft tomb raider!! :) I think its cute since I work at blockbuster and all!! :) haha So heres my game plan! Im wearing my hair in a braid, putting on khaki shorts, boots, a black t-shirt, a big brown belt, a toy gun, and white long socks scrunched into the boots!! Its simple but cute! So we will see how it goes!! I will post pictures!!! ....(maybe :P) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

new hair!

 I dyed my hair!! :) I love the new color its very fall!

old navy order!! :D

So I ordered cloths and shoes from oldnavy and I am SOOOOO excited for them to come in! So therefor I NEED to blog about it!! :D

This is so cute! It will be great for Arizona fall! Its a cardigan that also allows for air! 

I plan on wearing this with the cardigan above! I love this! I was 15 dollars marked down to 50! :) 

:D Im so excited about these! They will be worn ALOT! :) haha 

These will be my pride and joy! I cannot explain to you all how excited I am to be getting these!! Ive always wanted a pair of cowgirl boots! FINALLY! 

YAY!! These are so cute! I had a pair like this and they were so comfy! And i wore them all the time! 

And of course some brown flipflops! :D gotta love oldnavy flipflops! 1.99!