Tuesday, November 1, 2011

my halloween

Okay so i told you guys that i was dressing up as laura croft for halloween but i didnt i put makeup on, and i was a sugar skull, heres a pic. 

Soon after this when i was at work i got sick!! :/ blehh not fun! I had to leave work early and as soon as i got home i washed my makeup off and was miserable for the rest of the day..... and ALL night.... and even today :/ 

i guess you could say my halloween was somewhat similar to everyone elses...

1. I wore sheets- although i wasnt dressed up like a ghost i was curled up in my bed.

2. i carried around a bucket- even though it wasnt for candy 

3. i looked scary- not because i was wearing spooky makeup 

4. i was up all night- not because i was on a sugar high 

5. i threw up- and not from eating to much candy... and multiple times..

This halloween sucked!!!!!!! :( oh well!! :)