Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ten Simple Pleasures~

This is just a fun post for me, and I think everyone should have a Simple Pleasure list because it makes you aware of the simple things in life that you love! This is actually something you should think about. 

My simple pleasure list~ 

Chocolate...... I'm a woman.... come on you knew it would be on here ;) why not get it out of the way! 

Pumpkin coffee :) :) yummm!!! 

Sorry if this will gross you out but Kippered snacks :) yum... hmmm this is turning into more of a food list! ;) 

Time with Derek, sitting in a gazebo at the park just us silent saying nothing to each other but being completely comfortable and happy just being in his presence. :) 

The bacon cheddar ranch burger from The Big Sky Restaurant and Saloon (the place i use to work at) in Dansville New York if you are ever out there get it! ;) any burger is a guilty pleasure for me because im a burger kind of girl! 

Sloppy Joes... :) I like those too! 

Camping, when its chilly out in the fall sleeping in a tent bundled up with extra blankets and smores and a fire :) and waking up in the morning smelling like a camp fire and eating bacon over the fire for breakfast. :) I LOVE CAMPING! 

Apple orchards out east during the fall, and pumpkin picking there! With the smell of apple cider in the air a cute pair of boots and mittens and apple and pumpkin pie for dessert. 

Country music, coldplay, jack johnson, and soo sooo much more :) good music! 

Making the people I love smile :) 

Im noticing there is sooo much more that I would put on here... Life is wonderful :) Keep that in mind folks!! <3 

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