Tuesday, November 1, 2011

my halloween

Okay so i told you guys that i was dressing up as laura croft for halloween but i didnt i put makeup on, and i was a sugar skull, heres a pic. 

Soon after this when i was at work i got sick!! :/ blehh not fun! I had to leave work early and as soon as i got home i washed my makeup off and was miserable for the rest of the day..... and ALL night.... and even today :/ 

i guess you could say my halloween was somewhat similar to everyone elses...

1. I wore sheets- although i wasnt dressed up like a ghost i was curled up in my bed.

2. i carried around a bucket- even though it wasnt for candy 

3. i looked scary- not because i was wearing spooky makeup 

4. i was up all night- not because i was on a sugar high 

5. i threw up- and not from eating to much candy... and multiple times..

This halloween sucked!!!!!!! :( oh well!! :) 

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Soo! It took me forever to figure out what i was going to dress up as for halloween but i have FINALLY decided!!! Im dressing up as (a modest) Laura Croft tomb raider!! :) I think its cute since I work at blockbuster and all!! :) haha So heres my game plan! Im wearing my hair in a braid, putting on khaki shorts, boots, a black t-shirt, a big brown belt, a toy gun, and white long socks scrunched into the boots!! Its simple but cute! So we will see how it goes!! I will post pictures!!! ....(maybe :P) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

new hair!

 I dyed my hair!! :) I love the new color its very fall!

old navy order!! :D

So I ordered cloths and shoes from oldnavy and I am SOOOOO excited for them to come in! So therefor I NEED to blog about it!! :D

This is so cute! It will be great for Arizona fall! Its a cardigan that also allows for air! 

I plan on wearing this with the cardigan above! I love this! I was 15 dollars marked down to 50! :) 

:D Im so excited about these! They will be worn ALOT! :) haha 

These will be my pride and joy! I cannot explain to you all how excited I am to be getting these!! Ive always wanted a pair of cowgirl boots! FINALLY! 

YAY!! These are so cute! I had a pair like this and they were so comfy! And i wore them all the time! 

And of course some brown flipflops! :D gotta love oldnavy flipflops! 1.99! 


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lets slow it down some for you all..

Yesterday was my little sister Kendall's senior homecoming! She came home telling me about how she was upset that their slow songs were not the best. From my understanding their slow song was How to love. by Lil wayne...... What?!?! whatever happened to the classics! These are my top ten slow dance songs!! :) 

NUMBER TEN** When a man loves a woman, by Percy Sledge. This is a classic, how could Percy Sledges soulful voice talking about a mans love for a woman NOT be on this list?!?! Gotta love this song!! 

NUMBER NINE** Cant help falling in love with you, by Elvis Presley. What a great song!!! When you are dancing with your lovey to this song i can promise you the rest of the room will melt away and it will be just the two of you. 

NUMBER EIGHT** I will always love you, by Whitney Houston. This is such a powerful song, almost always gives me the chills when listening to it! Also a slow dance classic! 

NUMBER SEVEN** My heart will go on, by Celine Dion. Hmm, if your any kinda cry baby like me during this dance you might find yourself crying on his shoulder. Great slow dance song. Super slow! 

NUMBER SIX** Breathe, by Faith Hill. I cant help but sing on this one. 

NUMBER FIVE** I want to know what love is, by Foreigner. Gotta love this 80's love classic!! 

NUMBER FOUR** I Do (cherish you), by 98 degrees.  Oh yes this boy band classic is a heart melter. This song makes me want to slow dance soo bad!! 

NUMBER THREE** Can you feel the love tonight, by Elton John. Oh come on... dont tell me you didnt think it would be on here.. 

NUMBER TWO** Crash Into Me, by Dave Mathews Band. This song is very near and dear to my heart. This is the song that Derek danced to together senior prom. :) Ill never forget it!! This song is just amazing and i know its number two on my list but its a tie with number one just for that reason! :) <3

NUMBER ONE** I don't want to miss a thing, by Aerosmith.  TOTAL CLASSIC RIGHT HERE!! thats why its number one!! Best love song of all time!!

Happy 11 months derek <3 :') 

Friday, September 30, 2011

My new fashion HERO!!

 Kate Middleton, is the definition of class! If I could I would dress like her everyday! I think every girl in the world has a fashion icon that they look to. I think most young women are often choosing the fashion icons that may not be the best choice for them and there young age. Girls should not be looking to playmates that are on tv, and women who are wearing skimpy cloths, as there role models even if it is just for fashion. Kate Middleton is beautiful, classy, elegant, modest, and has an impeccable taste in fashion!  

Lets start at the toes! 

Kate is well known for her nude shoes!! Nude is in!! 

The first shoe is from Charrlotte russe and the second and third are from shoeocean.com

Kate has also been seen wearing a simple black pointed toe shoe! This is great for elongating your legs! Aslo riding boots! of all colors and loafers! 

the first pair is from shoeocean.com and last two are from payless. 

Lets move on to the legs! 
Kate chooses to wear a nude tight, it looks like she is going bare legged, but nope! Those are tights! be sure to grab a pair of those!! Lots of places are going OUT OF STOCK!! 

Jeans! Kate may seem super fancy, but in reality people find it intriguing how casual she really is!! But she manages to keep casual classy!! 

Shes been seen wearing a black flair jean with a cute big belt buckle, white "skinny" jeans, blue skinny jeans, pretty much nice looking jeans no holes. 

Kates dress choices are modest, tailored dresses. These dresses are very similar to what you would see Kate in. She wears more colors then just greys and blacks though, she will be seen in navys and whites and more rich colors. 

these dresses can be found on coldwatercreek.com 
 Kate shirt choices are much like her dresses! She will wear tailored blazers over blouses. She has also been seen wearing peacoats and sweaters with a clean white polo underneath. 

the first is from coldwatercreek.com and the second two are from jcpenny.com

Now lets move on to jewelry! 
She is often seen wearing pearls, and just simple gold earning and of course her beautiful sapphire wedding ring! 

Makeup! Kate keeps her makeup simple and natural. But sometimes does a Smokey eye. 

When Kate's hair isn't down with loose curls she has big clips in her hair!

Kate Middleton has a great taste in fashion. I would love to have a closet full of all this goodness! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dinner :)

I Wanted to make a nice dinner for my boyfriend and my family. So i made lasagna.... for the first time! haha This right here is a red and white spinach lasagna! And Im actually very proud of how it turned out there were no leftovers!! I also made a (no bake) cheese cake with a heath candy bar crushed on top! :) What a tasty meal!! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hair Dare

Checkout another blog I started called hair dare with posts on cute hairstyles for everyday life! :) hairdare.blogspot.com , Enjoy! 

Drop Dead on picnik


Check out the new stuff picnik.com allows us to do to our pictures!! Its FREE!! go check it out and get some spooky pics!! :) have fun!!! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Blog Buttons by yours truly!

To get one of these buttons on your page *Right Click save as. Then go to blog settings *Layout *Add Gadget *Picture *upload the image and save! :) Enjoy! 

New hobby

So, when I went up to Nevada, Derek's mom gave me a tote full of scrap booking stuff. Id never done it before and his little sister Jamie and I sat down a did a page for our hike at the valley of fire. Even though on the page i left out the e and so its the "vally of fire" haha I figured I would leave it, it gives it character! But scrap  booking is actually pretty fun!! haha :) ive already done 5 pages with the exception of the pictures, I know what pictures and where I'm going to put them I just have to print them. But i am having a lot of fun with it!! :) Who knew! But here are some of the pages I've done :) 

My honey is so sweet!

On our way home from out trip in Nevada, derek decided to take a little detour for me! Id never been to the Hoover Dam and he knew that so he took me! :) I was sooo excited!! I quickly whipped out my camera to snap of pictures. 

This is a bridge that was built over the dam to eliminate a whole bunch of traffic! Its a huge bridge! 

                                 This is the back side of the dam.

            An over view of the dam and the bridge! It was soo cool!! 

                         Derek and I at the Hoover Dam! :) <3 I love this picture! 

                                    Another view of the bridge. 

This little detour was simple but SSOO COOL! And I will never forget it! It was fun and amazing!       
I have such a sweet boyfriend! Im so lucky! The whole Nevada trip was a lot of fun!!