Saturday, September 17, 2011

Art work i haven't posted for you!

                                  Rose painting for Derek's Flowers are truly my comfort zone, if you can 
                                  tell from my previous art posts. I can wait to hand this one over to her! 

                                      I was inspired by a piece in a coffee shop and I told myself i would do 
                                      a negative space painting like it! Everyone who has seen this has told                                   
                                      me that it looks way better in person sorry about the bad picture! 

                                        Just a graphite peice i wanted to do something with emotion! 

                                 Sorry about the bad pic once again! a took a magazine clipping and 
                                  finished the picture with my own touches. This was a fun project!
                                 I have another one like this that I like allot more but i cant find it!!
                                haha if i do I will post it for you all! 

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