Monday, September 19, 2011

Update on me!

Sooo!!! Im going to Nevada again for the 3rd time!! Im heading up there with my boyfriend Derek who if you are a avid follower you most likely know! haha His parents, his two little sisters and younger brother live up there. As well as most of his mothers side of the family. I really enjoy visiting them! I always have fun visiting. Its beautiful up there I took the picture above at the Valley of Fire! It is absolutely beautiful there so if you are ever near Las Vagas defiantly make a stop there! You will enjoy it very much! I cant wait to drive up there just me and him talking in the car and hanging out for about 7 hours!! :) AAHHH i love spending time with him so that will be so wonderful! Its hard when I dont get to see him GRANTED it you know usually around 4 or 5 days in-between the days I see him. But I just miss him!! haha :) I couldnt be one of those couples who are long distance or rarely see eachother! haha But this trip should be nice! Im very excited! I leave this thursday the 22 to the 25 sunday :) also my moms birthday! 

Today was my first day at work, im guessing you know where my job is, considering I put a large picture of it above. But in case you still have no clue ;) I am now working at blockbuster. It went pretty well all I did was mostly in the back doing training on the computer. I cannot wait to be done with training so I can actually start making money and doing something productive! I will keep you all updated on my experiences in there! I do have one experience I can share! This lady came in today and spent 72 dollars on 5 6 rentals, 7 movies she was buying and lots of candy! haha :) She also wanted like 6 bags. Quite funny. Oh yes and that was 3 transactions! haha 

I've decided to go to beauty school! My parents kept asking me what my goal in life was, and what i wanted to be when I "grew up" because yes I am 18 and in 3 months will be 19 but im still not grown up! I never told them what my gut was telling me. Which was to be a mom and have a family. Thats my goal in life! I want to be a mom and a great one!! I want a job where i can have a family and almost work my work around my family or have one where i can do it anywhere and where it would be easy for me to concentrate on my children and husband! THATS what is important to me! And i also wanted to do something where I could be creative. I did my mom and my two younger sisters hair for my moms wedding and also did my sisters' nails and also my moms friend Jeanne's nails! So I think this is a good career choice for me and im glad to be moving t'words something! I have to call the schools around here soon and here and find out more about them and set up a time i can go look at the schools! :)


  1. The last part of this made me laugh. I have been struggling for well, about two years now, trying to figure out what I want to be when I "grow up." But all I could ever think about was how badly I just want to be a great Mother and Wife. But Lord knows in this Economy that being a stay at home mom is unrealistic. I have so many things that I love to do(cooking, baking, taking pictures, painting, traveling). The list goes on forever. But I have recently realized that it doesn't matter what I do as long as at the end of the day I get to come home and cook and bake for my family and take pictures of my family and go on trips with my family and paint with my kids. These are the things that are most important and I think I can handle a job that I am not completely happy with if at the end of the day I can come home and do the things I love with my family.

  2. :D well im very glad to know someone else knows what i am talking about! haha I completely agree carrie! To me thats my top priority in life.