Monday, September 26, 2011

My honey is so sweet!

On our way home from out trip in Nevada, derek decided to take a little detour for me! Id never been to the Hoover Dam and he knew that so he took me! :) I was sooo excited!! I quickly whipped out my camera to snap of pictures. 

This is a bridge that was built over the dam to eliminate a whole bunch of traffic! Its a huge bridge! 

                                 This is the back side of the dam.

            An over view of the dam and the bridge! It was soo cool!! 

                         Derek and I at the Hoover Dam! :) <3 I love this picture! 

                                    Another view of the bridge. 

This little detour was simple but SSOO COOL! And I will never forget it! It was fun and amazing!       
I have such a sweet boyfriend! Im so lucky! The whole Nevada trip was a lot of fun!!  

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