Friday, September 16, 2011

   I've visited the site, in search of apartments in the area that were available. I found one that I believe would be a perfect fit for me! Heres the link to check it out! Its in Chandler Arizona, close to the colleges around and its also close to the Chandler fashion center and all the restaurants and shops over near the Chandler mall. Also, if Derek and I decide to move in together, it will be allot closer for him to go to school at Scottsdale Community College. Since I am looking at going to a beauty school in Chandler this apartment would be idle for me! The price is a tolerable budget for me, and I feel that I could defiantly work with that.  This Apartment is also only 11 miles away from my work! So that would be an easy drive for me. Another big plus about this location is I am close to all my family out here. Which is very important to me. Im also looking at the layout of the apartment and I love it! Look at the way it looks open! Its a wonderful size for me for an affordable price The deposit is listed at $200- $400, and rent would be $777- $844. The pool at the apartment complex is just beautiful! The whole surrounding is very appealing. They have great amenities, I would be able to have pets (with limitation), they have covered parking, and another big plus amenity is they have a fitness center! The apartment has lots of extra storage, and many other things I am looking for in an apartment. I see in the pictures a photo of a volley ball net :) that could be fun! I could have my sister or my boyfiend over on our free time and play some sand volleyball. This apartment seems like it could be a great place for me! If any of you guys are looking for an apartment, in your area, close to colleges and attractions in your state, check out! They have you pick out your area colleges you are interested in and possible things you would like to be close to and suggest wonderful apartments that could be a possible fit for you!! Check in for new posts!! 

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