Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lets slow it down some for you all..

Yesterday was my little sister Kendall's senior homecoming! She came home telling me about how she was upset that their slow songs were not the best. From my understanding their slow song was How to love. by Lil wayne...... What?!?! whatever happened to the classics! These are my top ten slow dance songs!! :) 

NUMBER TEN** When a man loves a woman, by Percy Sledge. This is a classic, how could Percy Sledges soulful voice talking about a mans love for a woman NOT be on this list?!?! Gotta love this song!! 

NUMBER NINE** Cant help falling in love with you, by Elvis Presley. What a great song!!! When you are dancing with your lovey to this song i can promise you the rest of the room will melt away and it will be just the two of you. 

NUMBER EIGHT** I will always love you, by Whitney Houston. This is such a powerful song, almost always gives me the chills when listening to it! Also a slow dance classic! 

NUMBER SEVEN** My heart will go on, by Celine Dion. Hmm, if your any kinda cry baby like me during this dance you might find yourself crying on his shoulder. Great slow dance song. Super slow! 

NUMBER SIX** Breathe, by Faith Hill. I cant help but sing on this one. 

NUMBER FIVE** I want to know what love is, by Foreigner. Gotta love this 80's love classic!! 

NUMBER FOUR** I Do (cherish you), by 98 degrees.  Oh yes this boy band classic is a heart melter. This song makes me want to slow dance soo bad!! 

NUMBER THREE** Can you feel the love tonight, by Elton John. Oh come on... dont tell me you didnt think it would be on here.. 

NUMBER TWO** Crash Into Me, by Dave Mathews Band. This song is very near and dear to my heart. This is the song that Derek danced to together senior prom. :) Ill never forget it!! This song is just amazing and i know its number two on my list but its a tie with number one just for that reason! :) <3

NUMBER ONE** I don't want to miss a thing, by Aerosmith.  TOTAL CLASSIC RIGHT HERE!! thats why its number one!! Best love song of all time!!

Happy 11 months derek <3 :') 

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