Saturday, July 16, 2011

I realized i haven't been blogging for a while!!

I have been stressed stressed stressed... for reasons i will not say. Ive tried painting didnt work, ive tried crying it out..nope, Ive tried eating chocolates like in the movies... nope! Ive even read over the advice Ive given on how to be a better person... and to be honest i haven't completely been following it! Its hard to put on a smile and try to be happy when a wave of anger or built up emotion smacks you in the face and your not expecting it! It might not even be from yourself, maybe its someone else? but still... I really really need to try to control how i let things get to me. Because right now all im trying to do is knock down all of the feelings i have, which most people around me would think im doing the opposite but i actually im suppressing the big feelings and letting little things get to me which i shouldn't do! But i cant help it because i dont want to complain to people and sometimes i FEEL like when i try to express how i feel people freak out and dont understand or take it the wrong way. So as you can see my mind was telling me "Kailyn.... seriously... you need to find something to releave me off this stress, and im not the only one complaining you know stress affects the whole body?"
Im pretty sure my mind calling me by my name is found as a sign of insanity. But im not crazy. Well, im doing many things to make myself feel better, first off, i have been reading out of the bible, im interested and even just reading that gives me something positive to think about! Also instead of sleeping my days away and sleeping in until 12 in the afternoon im waking up at 7 oclock to run, then later in the afternoon ive been doing workouts that work the entire body! Exercise is a GREAT way to releave stress!  So im going to try these things as well as... continuing my college grant and scholarship search,  continuing my job search, and also working for a my licence! Im at the point that i NEED it!! 
If you want to feel different, if you want to have a better life, and if you want to be a better and happier person you have to work for that yourself! 


  1. i have definately felt like this many times in my life
    exercise is defo a good solution
    && im the same no one gets what im trying to say and it freaks people out so I'll jus go on the cross trainer, stick my iPod in and hope i sweat it out lol

  2. exactly!!! thats exactly how i feel! haha I have been feeling so much better now! I should have started this along time ago! haha thanks for the comment! :)