Friday, August 12, 2011

well my dear followers its been a while

Lately I have been pretty busy, i would say ive been to busy to blog, but i havent been since ive been on facebook.... But anyways i have been pretty busy ive filled out 32 applications!!! 32! and ive had 3 interviews, one at a store called annas linens didnt get the job, then one at walgreens didnt get the job, and on monday i had one at oldnavy, probably one of my most favorite places to shop! i still havent heard back from them and called today they said there hiring manager was not in today and would probably be calling soon if i got the job. Im rreeeaaalllyyy hoping that i did but we will see! (cross your fingers, hope and pray for me!) But on top of that ive filled out the fafsa... two fricken times, and idk whats going on with that... but ive been wondering were am i going to get money to go to school?!!! Thats alot to pay for! And then trying to make money and trying to find a job is not that easy either, sooo as you can im a little stessed on that. I also need to buy a car, pay for insurance, car payments, cell phone soon possibly, and also when i get a job ill probably be paying rent. SO ive been researching ideas for school (to be a physical therapist) and i remembered penn foster, i could pay $496 all together and have school completely payed for!!! :) score! the class is to get you physical therapy assistance certificate, that way i could work in an office making ~$43,000 a year and possibly get help from the company to get my actual phyical therapist certificate!! Not only that but the school is online and i can work at my own pace meaning i can get a full time job!! so i can work longer then i would have been if i went to a college right away!! I think that this is a wonderful idea for me! And honestly i feel less stressed about it all! :) all i need is a job........ fingers crossed that oldnavy works out!!!!!  

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