Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My sister brought home the mail, and she was so excited because her magazine was in. She was sitting on the couch flipping through this magazine, when my mom called her to do the dishes. She set the mag. down on the corner table and i slid over and grabbed it, i was curious to see what advice on clothing and such. I was soon surprised when i was reading how they were telling you what you should say to make friends... what ever happened to being yourself? Isn't that good enough? Then i go on to read about "how to kiss your boyfriend so he will never forget" and "what boys like" or how about "what boys do when they like you". Alright, so keep in mind my sister is going to be in 7th grade and then my other one is going into 8th. I dont like seeing her read that "when a boy holds your hand "finger laced style" that is one way to say i love you!" what?!?! no it is not!!! Girls are going to read this and think oh he loves me, and make mistakes they can never take back!! I mean come on these girls are so young.... what are they feeding them? They also make boys a top priority, i dont see anything in here about getting good grades? or dressing modest? or maybe even having self confidence for who you are?!? instead of following a dialogue a magazine gives them to make friends they should feel comfortable enough to go out and make friends on there own... maybe thats what they should have been telling these young women... Im glad that I can be here for my sisters to tell them, what life is really like and to take that info the magazines give them with a grain of salt. 
Also on the topic of little girls growing up to fast, or whatever you want to call it. I was watching Good Morning America this morning after my morning run. I saw a segment on the news about a breast feeding doll....... seriously?.... thats all i can say! What are we teaching girls?!?! I mean baby dolls are marketed to girls from ages 2-10 give or take, now we are teaching these little girls its fun, and easy to do this! And people wonder why so many girls are having kids so early?!? Im not say its souly the breast feeding dolls fault, I also blame ALL of the things that glorify having children at a young age. Like the tv shows Secret Life.. that movie her parents support her after she has a baby and there is other girls who have babies and even young marrage...  
I just think that some parents and pop culture is pushing girls to grow up too fast. So if you know a little girl watch over her and always remind her to take her time growing up!! Thank you 

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