Friday, September 16, 2011

Arranged Marriages

I personally cannot imagine being told who I am going to marry and i have no choice. The debate of "Should arranged marriages be outlawed?" I would say absolutely yes! People may say "Its part of there religion and culture! Why would we outlaw it?" The fact of the matter is, if a culture had a tradition on killing there lets say 3rd born child because 3 is an unlucky number. Should we not create a law against it because it is there culture?!? No we would! People may argue that its not harmful to people, but think about it... how is it not harmful in an emotional way to force someone to marry someone they don't know, because they got the highest bid. I personally find it disturbing that a parent would not want there child to feel what love is like. To not be able to go out into the world and date and find someone they love and want to be with, because they have an emotional connection. I know that parents that set up arranged marriages are often an arranged marriage couples but i still believe that a parent should want different for there children. I personally cannot imagine my parents telling me at a young age who i was going to marry whether I liked it or not the date was set. Can you imagine your wedding day? On your wedding day you are suppose to be excited, and in love. Having butterflies excited knowing that in a few moments you would be considered one with the person you love. If your the groom your waiting for that wonderful women of yours that you know and love to walk through those chapel doors. And if you are the bride you standing next to your father waiting for the chapel doors to open so your dad can finally hand you over to the love of your life. But in an arranged marriage i imagine the feeling being, what am i getting into.... who is this person?..... what is this marriage going to be like?  I don't believe that an Arranged marriage is a healthy or wise decision.

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