Saturday, July 9, 2011


I myself have a facebook, and get on it everyday, I check people statuses and pictures and so on. I have found that many people use facebook for different reasons. Here is the different facebookers~ 

1. The player- those guys who when they are single comment on every girls facebook profile picture and "like" all of there posts. They use it as another way to hit on girls. haha 
      *personally i find this pathetic and desperate alot alot of guys on fb are like this! 

2. The girls with daddy problems-  we all have the girls who post pictures of the low cut shirts bending forward to show their cleavage. Oh! but thats not all they got the classic bikini pictures, the party pics the ones where they are drunk out of their minds and passed out on a couch, and the super short skirts. ahhh... enough said.... 
       *most of the girls on fb.... are these girls.. haha expecially in high school! im pretty sure they think this makes them feel cooler. haha truth is people are looking at those pics and thinking she is totally going to regret posting that :/ 

3. The teen moms-  Those girls who unfortunetly get pregnant as teenagers. We all have atleast one on our facebook! They post things about how far along they are the facebook aps you know with the growing baby picture. They also take the pictures of them standing sideways in the mirror to show their "belly progression" And then you get the extreme young mom the one who is 18 and has a 4 year old on one hip and a 1 year old on the other, as well as one in the oven! 

4. The stalker-  That person who has people that they visit there fb every single time they get on facebook. There are different kinds of stalkers, there the boyfriend stalkers, the friend stalkers, the family stalkers, and the creepy stalker. The creepy stalkers are pretty much self explanatory but they are the ones who stalk people they don't know, or they like. 

5. The creeper-  That guy or girl who tries to add you and only has a few profile pictures or none at all only pictures of there favorite baseball logo or so on... creepy... yeah 

6. The anime kids-  those kids who are "emo" and post all the dramatic posts about how horrible life is and how hard it is to go on, and post only anime pictures. yep you know what im talking about! 

7. The "im so much cooler online" people-  Those kinds of people you know and on there facebook they lie about how tough they are or how beautiful and popular they are. They also are commonly known to post pictures of famous football players, celebrities, or pictures of themselves from far away. They often lie about work, sports, school, friends, how much they workout etc. Im sure we all have one on mind! 

8. The super moms-  This is not a bad thing, but we all know the facebook moms who always post pictures on there walls on everything there kids do! They post pictures, things there kids say, and everything there kids do! 

9. The moms who wear their teens jeans-  Those moms who post pictures of themselves next to there teenaged daughters and they are wearing similar cloths and they have similar hair. You know those divorsies who think that if they dress like there teen daughters they can stay young and attractive forever! 

10. The annoying status updateors-  The people who post everything they do! They will post about how they looked in the mirror, then how they brushed their teeth, then how they got some water and so on! 

there are so many different facebookers and honestly i could go on but im pretty much done with this topic.. just something i was thinking about :) haha 

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