Friday, July 8, 2011

just 10 things I love about you.

1. Your super cute big brown puppy dog eyes, and the way you look at me with them. 

2. How you always try to make me happy, whether that be in general, or when im mad or crying telling me funny memories or telling me not to smile, cause "your sad/mad so don't smile you can't smile its against the law!" 

3. You knew it would be on here... your muscles... :) hehe but trust me i would love you the same if you didn't have them. 

4. The way you listen to me when im talking, i always get cut off and i feel like nobody wants to listen to me, but you actually listen, and let me get it out. 

5. I love the wave of happyness i get when your hand touches mine. 

6. I love your cute voice, the one you say "cooomme huya bwabbeehh" in. 

7. I love how it feels to be around you, like when we play volleyball in my head im always saying "thats my guy!" or when we walk around the store or mall im thinking "thats my guy", when we are together just us in the car going somewhere or in a restaurant i love the feeling that your all mine. 

8. I love how when you like something or your interested in it (like xmen that one day) you look it up on your iphone on wikipedia and read all about it! 

9. I love how you make fun of me in a playful way, the flirty kind of way that always makes me smile. 

10. I love how my family loves you and likes to see you and how your family likes me as well, well atleast i hope... it seems like it :) haha

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