Sunday, July 10, 2011

ohhh ho ho, watch it girl

My protective girlfriend instincts kicked in today! Oh yes they did! I completely trust Derek i know he loves me and would never do something like that, but i come on.... hes hot.... any girl i dont care who it is would flirt with him! So when he went out to eat with two girls and a friend i was going crazy! All i could think about is (prepare yourself cause i think chaotically!) "Ohhhh mmmyyyy goosshh.... these girls are going to be looking at him thinking how hot he is and wondering if they could catch his attention, even if they dont want to date him they still want to know they  can get his attention, or thinking i wonder what he looks like with his shirt off, hes hot, hes hot... ohh yeah hes hot, who cares if he has a girlfriend, oohh and what if other people think that its two couples going out, i know they are not and its just a stranger but thats MY boyfriend that someone is insinuating is going out with another girl." oooh boy... yeah see thats like a blip of my thoughts haha Im very glad i have such a sweet boyfriend who loves me so much i can trust him to go out like that.. its honestly just the girls who i dont trust! i feel like a clingy possesive girlfriend you know the annoying kind but i guess it shows how much i care! i honestly dont know how those polygamist women do it.. i couldnt! Im sorry but im not willing to share... im greedy that way! :) haha Anyway to keep myself from worrying more and working myself up.. i painted this!! :) haha 

sooo todays be sweet challenge(even though its midnight) is~ find a outlet that you can turn to to calm yourself down and use it! 

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