Thursday, July 7, 2011

questions to myself

Why do you feel like you have it so bad? 
Why do you complain so much? 
Why are you so lazy? 
Why aren't you a better girlfriend? 
Why don't you enjoy life for what it is?
Why do you expect so much?
Why do you get so so mad when things don't go your way? 
How old are you again? 
Are you ever going to grow up? 
Why do you give up? 
Why cant you take things serious when you should? 
Why cant you be a better person when you say your going to? 
Why do you let yourself get so mad so easy? 
If you love him so much... why do you treat him like that? 
Why did you drag him into your crap so early? 
Why cant you stand up on your own two feet? 
Why aren't you a better person? 
Why do you have such bad mood swings? why cant you control them? 
Why aren't you the best you can be? 
Why are you so pessimistic? 
Don't you know someone has it worse? 
Why not make a change? 
Do you want to be like her? cause that's who your acting like, right? 
What can you do to be better? 
What can you do to be the girl he deserves? 
Why can't you appreciate what you have? 

i cant think of anymore 

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